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We offer a variety of oral translation services in 95+ languages including Latvian, Russian, English, Lithuanian, Estonian and many more. We provide oral translations at various events:

  • seminars;
  • conferences;
  • meetings;
  • when welcoming foreign business partners and other guests in Latvia;
  • in the digital environment, for example, when making Skype calls and similar.

Types of oral translation:

  • Consecutive translation is a form of interpreting, during which the speaker deliberately forms the speech in logical parts, observing pauses, during which the translator interprets what the speaker has just said. It is suitable in cases when short speeches have to be translated or if the event has a small number of visitors.
  • Simultaneous interpreting takes place at the same time as the speech. It requires adequate technical support (headphones for the listeners, interpreter booth with microphone) and is usually implemented by a pair of interpreters, who replace each other after every 2 hours. Simultaneous interpreting is ideal for large-scale events, when the entire content of the event has to be translated.
  • Chuchotage or whispered interpreting is suitable for translating the content of an event to one or two people. Using the chuchotage technique, the interpreter is next to the person who requires the translation, and the translation is whispered into the person’s ear.

In order to create the specific interpretation offer, please prepare answers to the following questions:

  •  in what language pair(s) is the translation required;
  •  what is the approximate number of event visitors;
  •  where will the event take place;
  •  what is the date and time the translation is required.

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Amrita Water Europe - Tulkot.lv atsauksmes
Amrita Water Europe
After sending the e-mail, we always receive the offer very quickly. The work is coordinated very carefully and always on time. Individual approach and helpful employees. Great service!
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Telia Latvija, SIA
Thanks to the Tulkot.lv team for the quality and operative work in various urgent translation projects that are important to us!
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A/S "Dinamo Rīga"
All is great, we will continue our cooperation!
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