Language courses

Languages create opportunities


Language courses in Riga and elsewhere in Latvia, in person or remotely. We offer language courses both to companies and individuals in groups and individually. If applications to group classes are currently closed, we offer private lessons or the possibility to create a study group for your individual requirements.


Duration of one lesson: 90 minutes.


The lesson charge depends on the foreign language selected and the number of group participants.


We offer courses in the following languages:

  • English;
  • Russian;
  • Latvian;
  • German;
  • French;
  • Swedish;
  • Spanish and other languages according to request;

as well as lessons by subjects:

  • spelling of the Latvian language;
  • Business English.

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Amie export - atsauksmes
Ieva Jonsone, AMIE EXPORT
The individual Russian language courses were the best choice, which was provided by “Language Courses For You”. A very understanding, considerate teacher and great organisational work. If a person can learn to use the language in six months, talk and understand the benefits of it, the result is positive. I definitely recommend and suggest “Language Courses For You”!
Valodu kursi tev -
Ramona Koroļova
By attending the series of workshops “How to Use the Basics of Creative Writing in a Digital Environment” I was able to obtain practical and up-to-date information in a focused manner on how to improve communication in social media administration and to develop creative thinking in my daily work.
Valodu kursi tev -
Tarja Jolma
I had the luck of finding a weekend course for beginners in Latvian language here, meetings once a week. The school was easy to reach by public transport, since it was very close to the National Library, which is also a good landmark and a very well connected location. Our group was very nice, small and motivated, and our teacher made us speak a lot. She was encouraging and inspiring and had a clear plan how to guide us forward systematically using our coursebook and supplementary material. There's a lot to learn in the Latvian grammar just to get started, but I felt that it was presented in digestible amounts at a time with clear explanations and useful practice, and I'm sure more would have been given if we had asked for it. I'm very happy to have found this Latvian course.
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Available worldwide

We organise our work remotely, using the most up-to-date technologies in the provision of language services and project management. To place an order, you do not have to be in Latvia or arrive in person at our office. Contact us and find out more!

All language services in one place

We offer a wide range of language services: from translation and proofreading to layout design and language courses. We are also happy to implement large-scale language orders. Explore all services and find out more.

Competent experts

We work with trusted and competent language experts around the world. They are not only knowledgeable in the relevant languages, but also the latest language learning methods. Contact us to find out more!

Reasons for obtaining new languages

By learning more new languages, you stimulate your brain and expand your possibilities in your professional and personal life. We offer language courses for various requirements. Language courses are your chance to prove yourself in the job market, where language skills have become increasingly important nowadays, as well as it is a way to prove to yourself that you are capable of reaching new heights.

Modern approach to learning languages

In the language courses we use the latest methods in the field of language learning. We offer to combine face-to-face lessons with Skype or Zoom lessons to ensure a continuous learning process, even when you are travelling, during busy work periods or when it is more convenient for you to study the language remotely due to other reasons.


We tailor language courses to the wishes, requirements and specific goals of the company employees or individual language learners. To save your time and to make the learning process as convenient as possible, the language teacher arrives at your company premises. We create small groups, in which the language is acquired according to the principle of learning by doing, engaging the group members in the learning process in an interactive way and by significantly improving the dynamics and quality of the learning process. You choose the number, location, time and regularity of the language lessons, which makes your learning process as convenient as possible.


In order to provide results, during the courses we conduct a language improvement test, and at the end of the course we assess the reading, listening, speaking and writing skills of each language learner. After successfully completing the language course, each student receives a certificate.

Professional teachers

Motivation is the first condition for success. Knowledgeable teachers will motivate you to learn and under their guidance it will be easier to achieve the desired result. The language courses are held by experienced Latvian and foreign professionals who, with the help of their knowledge and teaching methods, will inspire you and make the learning process an adventure. The teachers of language courses provide an individual approach to each learner and make sure that anyone has the ability to learn a new language and to overcome the challenges, if there are any within the learning process.

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