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We offer notarised translations in 95+ languages, including Latvian, Russian, English, Lithuanian, Estonian and many more. The translation is carried out by an experienced translator, who translates legal texts and documents on a daily basis, and the translation is notarised by a Sworn Notary.

Notarisation is most often required, when translating the following documents:

  • marriage, death, birth and other certificates;
  • diplomas of attained education (secondary, university);
  • medical records;
  • various authorisations and other legal documents.

If you are willing to order a notarised translation, make sure you hold a fully completed and legally valid document.

Such document provides:

  • the name of the author of the document;
  • the date of issuing the document;
  • signature(s).


If the translation does not have to notarised, but requires official certification of the correctness of the translation, we recommend using agency certification.

Agency certification means that the translator of the document has approved, by his/her signature, that the translation has been made correctly and conforms to the original. This certification along with the translation is thread bound to the copy or the original of the document.

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What a notarised translation is and the types

Notarised translation (also a notarially approved translation) is a translation of a document, the accuracy of which is certified by the translator of this document and subsequently by a Sworn Notary. A Sworn Notary does not certify the lawfulness of issuing the document, but verifies and certifies the conformity of the translation to the documents presented.

The notarial approval can be prepared within 1-2 business days of receiving the translation.

There are two types of notarial approval:

  1. Notarial approval to the original document. . In such case the translation of the document is thread-bound to the original document, it is certified and stamped by a Sworn Notary, and the translation is further considered part of the document.
  2. Notarial approval to the document copy (transcript). In such case a copy or transcript is made of the original document, the translation of the document is attached to it and the Sworn Notary certifies both the conformity of the transcript of the document to the original and the translation of the document.

Please take into account! If the transcript of the document has to be certified, the original document must also be submitted so that the Notary can compare it with the transcript of the document.

In order to be certified by a Notary, the translation must meet certain standards. A Sworn Notary shall not accept documents for notarial certification that are not formatted correctly or are legally invalid, such as documents on multiple sheets of pages with obvious signs of being separated or foreign documents without proper legalisation.

For your information! Notarised translations or translations with agency certification are sometimes mistakenly called sworn translations or translations signed by a Sworn Translator. It is important to remember that neither the status of “Sworn Translator”, nor the term “sworn translation” exists in Latvia. In such a case notarised or agency certified translation is required.

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