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Languages create opportunities


Languages create opportunities, provide confidence and help to achieve more. Supplement your language knowledge with the help of the dedicated, competent and experienced professionals of our language school!


Our  language school offers a variety of language services for individuals and businesses, including:

  • individual lessons;
  • master classes;
  • intensive courses;
  • professional support and assistance in recruitment processes (verification of foreign language skills);
  • English language lessons for children using the exciting “Wow!English” method;
  • courses of Latvian language for foreigners.

The desire to learn, together with the creative thinking and knowledge of the teachers, forms a positive experience, and provides confidence that language learning can also be a fun and interesting process. Our language school teachers provide an individual approach to anyone, who is willing to learn and help achieve the language learning goals.


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Amie export - atsauksmes
Ieva Jonsone, AMIE EXPORT
The individual Russian language courses were the best choice, which was provided by “Language Courses For You”. A very understanding, considerate teacher and great organisational work. If a person can learn to use the language in six months, talk and understand the benefits of it, the result is positive. I definitely recommend and suggest “Language Courses For You”!
Valodu kursi tev -
Ramona Koroļova
By attending the series of workshops “How to Use the Basics of Creative Writing in a Digital Environment” I was able to obtain practical and up-to-date information in a focused manner on how to improve communication in social media administration and to develop creative thinking in my daily work.
Valodu kursi tev -
Tarja Jolma
I had the luck of finding a weekend course for beginners in Latvian language here, meetings once a week. The school was easy to reach by public transport, since it was very close to the National Library, which is also a good landmark and a very well connected location. Our group was very nice, small and motivated, and our teacher made us speak a lot. She was encouraging and inspiring and had a clear plan how to guide us forward systematically using our coursebook and supplementary material. There's a lot to learn in the Latvian grammar just to get started, but I felt that it was presented in digestible amounts at a time with clear explanations and useful practice, and I'm sure more would have been given if we had asked for it. I'm very happy to have found this Latvian course.
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Available worldwide

We organise our work remotely, using the most up-to-date technologies in the provision of language services and project management. To place an order, you do not have to be in Latvia or arrive in person at our office. Contact us and find out more!

Long-term experience

More than 10 years of experience in the field of language services. We have acquired knowledge and skills in the international environment, working with the largest companies not only in Latvia, but also in the world. Read the reviews from our customers!

All language services in one place

We offer a wide range of language services: from translation and proofreading to layout design and language courses. We are also happy to implement large-scale language orders. Explore all services and find out more.

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