English for Children

The exciting and effective Wow!English method


English language studies for children from the age of 3 to 12 with the Wow!English method

Wow!English is an effective study method with materials that trigger the emotional memory of children to help them remember words and structures of sentences more quickly and effectively.

Wow!Englishclasses are dynamic and rich in specially designed games, colouring, drawing and writing tasks, as well as videos and songs. Wow!English method is based on knowledge about psycholinguistics*..

The author of the method is Steve Watts, who is British and has been teaching English to children for 20 years, using only the English language, body language, movements, actions, games and objects to communicate. Learning with the help of Wow! materials, children learn English quickly, are not afraid to speak and are eager to demonstrate their knowledge on family trips or when meeting foreign friends.

The materials of Wow!English are developed by the British company “WattsEnglish Ltd.”, but our structural unit “Wattsenglish Baltic” is the official representative of this method in the Baltic market.

Watch the video and find out more about Wow!English method!

Why choose Wow!English classes?

  • The exciting and interactive Wow! study materials guarantee that the child, who is using this method, will learn to speak English.
  • When learning with the Wow! method, children are happy while acquiring English, they are confident to speak in the foreign language, and strive to repeat what they hear in the classes and on the video.
  • Children are attracted and encouraged by the world of Wow! English language – they listen, answer and speak.
  • Children form an emotional bond with the main character and teacher of the video – Steve, who talks to the children as if he were present in the same classroom, inviting them to repeat the words and to participate in the movements, as well as asking children questions and praising them. It helps children engage in an experience-based study process, as well as triggers the emotional memory.
  • The face of a real person in the study materials ensures natural communication in the English language.
  • Study videos with stories and songs can be accessed from anywhere in the world, thus the parents can easily find out what their child has already learnt in English classes and continue their studies together at home.

Advantages to teachers, when working with the Wow!English method

  • Methodological support throughout the school year. If you have any questions or would like advice on the use of the Wow! method and materials to achieve even better results in your own classes, we will be happy to help, explain, and find a solution together.
  • Free online tutorials on working with the Wow!English method and additional study materials.
  • An easy-to-use teacher’s book with a detailed lesson plan for each lesson.
  • Game bank. You will find activities of all kinds here – fast and active, as well as peaceful and performed while seated. All games are specifically designed to be engaging for children and to facilitate the learning of English in an informal way.
  • Word cards. Each textbook comes with matching picture cards with theme words for the entire school year. The cards can be used in a variety of ways – as provided in the teacher’s book, the lesson plan or game bank, or at the discretion of the teacher using their own creativity.
  • Exciting and interesting classes. Children will look forward to English lessons and will be happy to engage in the games and tasks.

Watch the video of Wow!English method in one of the kindergartens.

Are you a teacher?Try the Wow!English method and study materials free of charge and experience their effectiveness yourself! Fill in the contact form or e-mail us at: baltic@wattsenglish.com..

*Psycholinguistics – a science that studies the interaction of languages with its users. From a psychological point of view, psycholinguistics investigates the mechanism of how children learn languages and thinking.  

Vilija Pasukyte, Lithuania
Kids had real fun with the courses and they liked activities, because there is a huge variaty of them and learners loved the videos with Steve and Maggie. I noticed that we made a big progress with the language. I was thinking maybe it would be useful to have flashcards with no name for older learners, who go to the primary school as they know how to read and then they don't try to remember the word.
Dana Schlitzova, Italy
I teach English with the engaging Wow!Materials in Sardinia. All the materials for the teachers are really fantastic and very easy to use. They are full of great tips and hints. The children love the colourful workbooks with a real face of Steve and Maggie the Magpie on every page and they have so much fun watching the video stories and video songs! I honestly recommend the Wow!Method and its magic Wow!Materials to all the teachers. You will make your students happy and interested in English. Just 3 words are enough to describe the Wow!Method: FUN, EASY and EFFECTIVE!
Dijana Nikolova, Macedonia
Every lesson is unique and different so the students aren’t bored, they have fun instead which makes the process of learning English more effective and easier. The children start to use English very spontaneously and naturally. The parents are contented as well because their kids love Steve and Maggie and attend English lessons with enthusiasm. They also can notice the progress very soon after their child had started with the course. The curriculum of the Wow!Materials corresponds to the one at school. The result of the Wow! course is: Happy students - happy teachers and even more happy parents."
Try the Wow!English method and study materials free of charge!

Effective study materials for the entire school year

Children are happy to learn English, they eagerly await the next lesson and communicate with confidence in the foreign language using the vocabulary and grammar they have learnt.

Free of charge teacher training

Teacher training on the Wow!English method takes place online. We also offer methodological support throughout the year – teachers can always ask questions about the use of the Wow! method in the classes.

Long-term experience in 27 countries

Steve and his friend Maggie the Magpie have been teaching English to children for 13 years already – both in video format on the YouTube channel and in language classes in pre-schools and primary schools.

Wattsenglish in the Baltics and worldwide

We are the official representative of the British company “WattsEnglish Ltd.” in the Baltic market. It is an accredited school specialising in teaching English to children and developing unique teaching materials. Our textbooks and methods for children between the ages of 3 and 12 (Wow! series) are the only interactive learning materials that include a real human face to attract and motivate children to learn English. These materials are available worldwide along with specialised online training courses for teachers and can be used by any certified teacher or educational institution.

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