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The purpose of the Privacy Policy

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to provide information to the individual (data subject) about the purpose, scope and protection of personal data processing implemented by SIA “Abyling” (hereinafter referred to as – “ABYLING”), when processing personal data of the data subject (hereinafter referred to as – “the customer”).

The privacy policy regarding the protection of personal data has been developed in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter referred to as – “the Regulation”).
The Privacy Policy provides information on how ABYLING collects, processes, stores, shares, deletes and protects personal data of the customer, thus ensuring that the personal data of the customer is processed in a lawful, fair and transparent manner. The Policy applies to the personal data of the customers, the processing of personal data of any individual and the services provided to the customers.
ABYLING processes personal data of the customers to the extent and in the manner prescribed and permitted by the laws of the Republic of Latvia and the European Union.

Information on the controller

Our name is SIA “Abyling”, registration number: 40103220473, registered office: 10 Valguma Street, Riga, LV-1048. ABYLING is a translation and language service agency that provides translations and other language services to its contractual partners.
Contact details for communication regarding personal data protection inquiries

In the case that you have any inquiries about this Privacy Policy or the processing of your personal data, please contact us by phone +371 67218576 or by e-mail:

The purpose of personal data processing

ABYLING processes personal data for the following reasons:

  • for the provision of translation services;
  • for the identification of the data subject;
  • for preparing and signing agreements;
  • for the provision of the translation process;
  • for handling and processing customer complaints and for providing support in relation to the services rendered;
  • for cash flow management, including for the administration of customer payments and debts;
  • for preparing reports;
  • for promoting the development of the industry, for developing new services and for offering them to customers;
  • for the provision of information to the state administrative authorities and subjects of investigation processes in the cases and to the extent as provided by the regulatory enactments;
  • for other specific purposes that are communicated to the data subject at the time the data subject provides relevant data to ABYLING.

Personal data processed by ABYLING:

  • name, surname, personal identity number or date of birth, correspondence address, phone number and e-mail address;
  • bank data;
  • details of the identity documents (document number, date and place of issue, etc.);
  • data, that is provided by the customer to ABYLING.

Legal basis for personal data processing

ABYLING processes personal data of customers in accordance with the following legal basis:

  • the customer, as the data subject, gives his or her consent to the collection and processing of personal data for specific purposes. The customer’s consent is his or her free will and independent decision, which may be given at any time, allowing ABYLING to process personal data for the specified purposes;
  • the customer’s consent shall be binding, if it is provided in writing (by filling in the form at the ABYLING office, by sending an electronic request of customer identification or via the website;
  • for the signing and execution of the agreement – to sign an agreement upon the client’s application and to ensure its execution;
  • subject to the customer’s consent;
  • for legitimate interests – to execute the obligations or agreement between ABYLING and the customer;
  • the legitimate interests of ABYLING, which are based on providing high-quality service and timely customer support;
  • the legitimate interests of ABYLING shall be considered the processing of personal data through direct marketing that results in new and/or individual offers of ABYLING services expressed to the customer;
  • ABYLING has the right to process personal data in order to comply with the legal requirements, as well as to respond to the legitimate requests of state and local governments;
  • the customer has the right to withdraw his/her previously provided consent at any time by e-mailing such request to The requested changes shall take effect within three business days. Withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of the processing that has been implemented based on the provided consent prior to the withdrawal.

How ABYLING collects personal data

ABYLING obtains personal data of the customers, when the customers:

  • purchase ABYLING services (at the office of ABYLING or remotely, by performing prior customer identification);
  • subscribe to receiving news, notification or other services from ABYLING;
  • ask ABYLING for more information about the service or contact ABYLING regarding a complaint or request for information, when the customer is identified;
  • take part in competitions, lotteries or surveys;
  • visit or browse ABYLING websites;
  • ABYLING may process personal data of the customers received from third parties with the customer’s consent (e.g., managers of debt history database, etc.).

Categories of personal data recipients

ABYLING will not disclose any personal data of its customers or any information obtained during the provision of services and during the term of the agreement to third parties, including information about the services received, except:

  • if the third party in question has to provide the data within the framework of the signed agreement (for example, to the bank within the settlement or to provide an IT system maintenance service);
  • subject to the clear and unambiguous consent of the customer;
  • to persons provided by the regulatory enactments upon their reasoned requests in the manner and to the extent as provided by the regulatory enactments;
  • in cases provided by the regulatory enactments for the protection of the rights of ABYLING, for instance, when filing claims to courts or other state institutions against a person, who has violated these legal interests of ABYLING;
  • personal data held by ABYLING is not transferred to third countries (that is, countries outside the European Union and the European Economic Area (EEA)). In special cases, personal data may only be transferred to third countries or international organisations if, subject to the other provisions of the Regulation, the Controller and the Processor have complied with the conditions provided in the Regulation.

Personal data storage duration

ABYLING shall process personal data for as long as at least one of the following circumstances exists:

  • an agreement between the Customer and ABYLING is valid;
  • the term of storing personal data is determined or results from the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia and the European Union;
  • to the extent required to pursue and to protect the legitimate interests of ABYLING;
  • until the customer’s consent to the processing of his/her personal data has been revoked.

Sharing personal data of customers

In order to provide services to customers, ABYLING may share the personal data of customers with:

  • cooperation partners or institutions involved in providing the services ordered or used by the Customer;
  • debt recovery companies, credit bureaus, managers of debt history databases or other debt recovery organisations;
  • assignees – to provide efficient cash flow management, ABYLING has the right to assign the right of claim against the debtor or debtors.


ABYLING is obliged to provide personal data to the following authorities and services:

  • law enforcement agencies, the court or other state and local government institutions, if provided for by the regulatory enactments or the request for information of the relevant institution;
  • ABYLING shall only disclose personal data of customers to the sufficient and necessary extent, in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory enactments and the objective circumstances of the particular situation.

Rights of the customers

To address ABYLING in order to obtain a copy of the personal data held by ABYLING.
To edit any personal information held by ABYLING about themselves by sending the requests for changes by e-mail to, by calling +371 67218576 or at the office of ABYLING.
Customers have the right to obtain information about natural or legal persons, who have received information about them from ABYLING within the specific period. ABYLING shall not provide information to customers about state institutions that are the prosecutors, investigators or other entities, if the disclosure of such information is prohibited by law.
To request the deletion or limiting of the processing of personal data that are no longer required for the purposes for which they were collected and processed (the right to “be forgotten”).
VTo address ABYLING or the authority that monitors the processing of personal data (Data State Inspectorate, regarding any issues of personal data processing.

Website visits and handling of cookies

  • ABYLING websites (,, use cookies.
  • The ABYLING website may contain links to third-party websites, which have their own use and personal data protection regulations, which ABYLING shall not be responsible for.

What cookies are

Cookies are small text files stored by the web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) on the user’s end device (computer, mobile phone, tablet), when the user visits the website, in order to identify the browser or information, or settings saved in the browser.

Cookies enable the website to retain the user’s individual settings, to recognise the user and to respond appropriately in order to improve the experience of using the website. The user can disable or restrict the use of cookies, but without the cookies it will not be possible to fully use all the features of the website. This is how most major websites and service providers work.

You can delete any cookies that are already stored on your computer. Most browsers also allow you to block cookies from being stored on your computer, but in such case you will not be able to use all of our online services. More information about cookie settings in your browser is available on the website of the web browser developer.

What cookies are required for

Cookies are required to allow the user to freely visit, browse and use the website, including to obtain information about the services and to purchase them. These cookies identify the user’s device, but do not reveal the user’s identity, nor do they collect or store information. Without such cookies the website will not be able to function properly, for example, provide the user with the required information, provide the requested services at the e-store, log in to the profile or apply for the service. Such cookies are stored on the user’s device until your web browser is closed.

When using cookies, the common user habits and site usage history is processed, problems and flaws in website operation are diagnosed, statistics on user behaviour are collected, as well as full and easy use of the website’s functionality is provided.

Cookies at ABYLING websites

By visiting ABYLING websites, a window is displayed to the users with a message that cookies are being used on the website.

By closing this message window, the user confirms that he/she has read and agrees with the information about the cookies, their purposes of use and the cases when they are transferred to third persons, and agrees to it. Accordingly, the legal basis for the use of cookies is the user’s consent.

If a user has a question about the use of cookies, the user can contact ABYLING using the following contact information:

What cookies are used by ABYLING

Websites maintained by ABYLING use functional, analytical, advertising and mandatory cookies:

  • with the help of the functional cookies the website remembers the settings and choices made by the user to make the site more user-friendly. These cookies are permanently stored on the user’s device;
  • the analytical cookies collect information about how the user interacts with the website, and identify the most frequently visited sections, including the content the user chooses when browsing the site. The information is used for analytical purposes to find out what the users of the website are interested in and to improve the functionality of the site, as well as to make it more user-friendly. Analytical cookies only identify the user’s device, but do not reveal the user’s identity.

In some cases, some of the analytical cookies are managed by third parties – data processors (operators), such as Google Adwords – on behalf of the website owner and only for the purposes provided;

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Goal of using the cookies

ABYLING uses cookies to improve your experience on the websites:

  • to ensure the functionality of the websites;
  • to customise website functionality to the user behaviour, including language, search requests, previously viewed content;
  • to obtain statistical data about the flow of website users, including the number of visits, and the total time spent using the website etc.;
  • to authenticate users.

Storage of cookies and transfer to third persons

Unless otherwise specified, cookies are stored while the activity is performed, for the purpose of which they have been collected, and then deleted afterwards.
The cookie information is not forwarded for processing beyond the European Union and EEA countries.

Use of Google Analytics
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Google Analytics has been expanded to include related GOOGLE ad features, including:

  • ad reporting on the GOOGLE Display Network;
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  • expanded demographic reports (anonymous demographics reports).

More information about the processing and use of data can be found in Google Terms of Service.