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To find out the costs of the translation, please fill in the price request form*. After receiving the form, we will send you the calculation of the translation price within 30 minutes and the most suitable translation solution.

Translation costs are from 5.00 euros per page and vary depending on the language combination and type of service.

*The price request is available free of charge and does not oblige you to order the translation from us. Regardless of whether we continue our cooperation, we maintain the confidentiality of all documents we receive.



The criteria for establishing the prices of written translations:

1. The prices of the translation services differ for various language pairs. It depends on the demand of the language pair in the market and the availability of the translators.


2. We offer two types of translations:

  • Basic translation – carried out by a professional translator with no proofreading for this translation – it is not reviewed by another person (proofreader), who can correct the style, terminology and possible minor spelling errors. Customers often choose this option for documents intended for internal use or to understand what the text is about.
  • Pro translation – first done by a translator and then reviewed by a proofreader, who is a native speaker of the target language. The proofreader checks and improves the word choice of the text in the particular language, as well as the spelling, language nuances and style, if required.

3. The translation deadline depends on the volume of the text. For orders with deadlines of up to 24 hours additional charges may apply.
4. In the case of large-scale orders we offer a flexible discount system.


Please note!

  • We calculate the price of the translation according to the number of words in the document.
  • One standard page contains 250 words, regardless of the font, the font size or spacing.
  • The minimum amount of an order is one page.

We work in 95+ languages and also offer proofreading and editing of the texts, layout design, agency certification and notarial certification.

Contact us to find out the precise calculation of the translation price for your translation!