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Individual approach to every customer

We not only offer written and oral translations, but also a number of other services. And our approach is very personal, as we also accept specific orders that are not mentioned here. We can provide translations via a phone call, provide the services of a translator on WhatsApp or any other virtual communication tool, as well as we can test the language skills of your future employees.



Do you require unique content for social networks? Do you have to prepare a text for an advertisement or website content? We will create a qualitative and effective text, that will not stay unnoticed. We provide copywriting in various fields, such as:

  • Marketing
  • Medicine
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Beauty care
  • Fiction
  • Lifestyle and others.



Subtitling is a process of providing a written translation to spoken texts. We offer to prepare the subtitles, as well as translation into the languages you require. Video materials that we work with are:

  • Documentaries
  • TV ads
  • Education materials
  • DVDs
  • TV shows


Website localisation

If you have decided to increase your turnover and expand the customer range, it is the right time to translate your website into foreign languages! We can provide translations of websites in any of the 95 languages that we offer. When translating a website or advertisement text to another language, the different cultures of different countries should be taken into account, as well as the fact that the text should be adapted. Therefore, we will find a translator of the relevant field, who is a native speaker of the relevant language, thus providing a translation that conforms to the cultural environment while also being precise.


Layout design (DTP)

Layout design is required so that the file format we receive and its visual design stays the same after being translated. When preparing the design files for printing, a graphic designer is involved. Layout design is usually required for materials such as:

  • brochures;
  • booklets;
  • catalogues;
  • signboards;
  • instructions and user manuals;
  • product packaging;
  • as well as other visual aids.



Apostille is an internationally standardised certification system or seal. In Latvia, it visually looks like a QR code. Documents with such a certification are recognised without further legalisation in any member state to the Hague Convention. Apostille is conducted when documents are sent to the member states of the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961, and it supersedes the consular legalisation procedure of documents. Write to us, and we will help you clarify everything.


Contact us and we will prepare the best price offer for the service you have chosen! E-mail info@tulkot.lv or call +371 27870889.

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Amrita Water Europe
After sending the e-mail, we always receive the offer very quickly. The work is coordinated very carefully and always on time. Individual approach and helpful employees. Great service!
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SIA Rolling
We are always satisfied to receive correct translations very quickly. If we require the translation as soon as possible, it is delivered on the same day. Everything takes place very operatively, which is extremely important to us. In general, up to now we are very satisfied with our cooperation and we hope to also continue our successful collaboration in the future.
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Perfect cooperation in terms of time and translation execution, high-quality work at pleasant prices.
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Beneficial prices

We offer competitive prices. The services are not charged according to the complexity of the texts, nor according to the industry specifics. We offer a flexible discount system for larger orders. Find out more about the prices of the services!

Quick execution of tasks

We understand the necessity of our customers to meet deadlines, therefore we consider it our priority to execute the entrusted tasks as soon as possible, while at the same time maintaining the quality of the service. Contact us and find out the possible deadline for your order!

Competent experts

We work with more than 2900 trusted and competent language experts around the world. They are knowledgeable not only in the relevant languages, but also in the relevant industries. Contact us to find out more!

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