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Open the doors to the world of languages today and find out the exciting secrets that the unfamiliar foreign words hide and what options the correct use of punctuation provides!

We are a translation agency and language school offering a variety of language services and solutions in 95+ languages. We work with companies and individuals both in Latvia and abroad. We believe that good cooperation is based on open communication, so we are willing to hear out the wishes, suggestions and inquiries of our customers.

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“Kvites” - Tulkot.lv atsauksmes
Solvita Kvite, "Kvites"
The translation quality is very reliable, as we have also encountered very unprofessional translations, which is definitely not the case with Tulkot.lv. This is the way to continue! What surprises the most is the efficiency, quality and speed of the communication.
DOUGLAS LATVIA SIA - Tulkot.lv atsauksme
Tulkot.lv comes to rescue us in situations when we need text translations ASAP, and they even complete the tasks faster than promised.
“Jurists ABC” - Tulkot.lv atsauksmes
Toms Ritums, “Jurists ABC”
We are very happy to cooperate with Tulkot.lv, communication is instant. We really enjoy their working speed – when we order the task to be performed during the day, sometimes we already receive the ready material in the middle of the day. If asked, I would definitely recommend ordering translations at Tulkot.lv! You are the best!
“FleetComplete” - Tulkot.lv atsauksmes
Viesturs Rijnieks, “FleetComplete”
Since partnering with Tulkot.lv, we entrust them to translate everything starting from small promotional materials and articles for the website, and ending with a more ambitious project – the website itself. Our cooperation is very smooth, professional and positive.

Our clients

High-quality language services

We provide carefully and qualitatively performed services. If required, we also provide editing and proofreading work. We work in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 and 17100 standards. Read the reviews from our customers!

Quick execution of tasks

We understand the necessity of our customers to meet deadlines, therefore we consider it our priority to execute the entrusted tasks as soon as possible, while at the same time maintaining the quality of the service. Contact us and find out the possible deadline for your order!

Beneficial prices

We offer competitive prices. The services are not charged according to the complexity of the texts, nor according to the industry specifics. We offer a flexible discount system for larger orders. Find out more about the prices of the services!

Competent experts

We work with more than 2900 trusted and competent language experts around the world. They are knowledgeable not only in the relevant languages, but also in the relevant industries. Contact us to find out more!

Long-term experience

More than 10 years of experience in the field of language services. We have acquired knowledge and skills in the international environment, working with the largest companies not only in Latvia, but also in the world. Read the reviews from our customers!

Polite customer service

The representatives of our company will be happy to tell you about the services and their differences, and will recommend the best and most suitable option for you. Find out yourself, by contacting us today!