English language

Facts and history

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. One of the main reasons for this is British colonisation that took place between the 15th and 17th centuries, when England controlled territories in Europe, North America, Africa, Australia and India. Nowadays, English is so widely used that it has become a kind of Lingua Franca or the common communication language regularly used by those who speak different languages. For example, it is the official language of air travel, which is why pilots always greet passengers in English. English is one of the most widely used languages in the world – around 1.5 billion people speak English.


Language services

The translators of “Tulkot.lv” are professionals in their field and will translate the required text into or from English in any field you require. We offer text editing or proofreading in 95+ languages, so that the required text is grammatically correct, and the correct vocabulary is used.


Language school

In order to improve your professional knowledge, as well as to expand your horizons, “Tulkot.lv” Language School offers English language courses for various knowledge levels.

  • English language for companies
  • English language in groups
  • Individual English language classes


English language test

To find out the level of your English language skills, we offer you to fill in the free of charge English language test, in order to choose the most appropriate language classes for you. The test is available here.


Most popular pairs with the English language:

Latvian-English; English-Latvian; Lithuanian-English; English-Lithuanian; Russian-English; English-Russian; Estonian-English; English-Estonian; Polish-English; English-Polish; Czech-English; English-Czech; German-English; English-German; Ukrainian-English; English-Ukrainian; Spanish-English; English-Spanish; French-English; English-French; Danish-English; English-Danish; Finnish-English; English-Finnish; Swedish-English; English-Swedish; Norwegian-English; English-Norwegian; Italian-English; English-Italian.


Other requested language combinations:

Latvian-Russian; Russian-Latvian; Latvian-German; German-Latvian; Latvian-Lithuanian; Lithuanian-Latvian; Latvian-Estonian; Estonian-Latvian; Latvian-French; French-Latvian; Latvian-Spanish; Spanish-Latvian; Latvian-Latin; Latin-Latvian; Latgalian-Latvian; Latvian-Latgalian; Latvian-Danish; Danish-Latvian; Latvian-Swedish; Swedish-Latvian; Latvian-Finnish; Finnish-Latvian; Latvian-Polish; Polish-Latvian; Latvian-Czech; Czech-Latvian; Russian-Lithuanian; Lithuanian-Russian; Russian-German; German-Russian; Spanish-French; French-Spanish; Polish-Russian; Russian-Polish, etc.