Russian language


The Russian language belongs to the Indo-European language family and is the eighth most widely spoken language in the world. It dates back to the 10th century, when the Slavic migrant clans were divided into three main language groups: western, eastern and southern. The Eastern Slavs are the ones we hear speaking in the Russian tongue today, but as we move through the territory of Russia, we can hear linguistic differences in the spoken language. An interesting fact is that in the past the Slavic groups could not understand each other when they spoke, but written communication was not a problem as the writing was almost identical. Nowadays, Russian is widely used in the business environment and is the official working language of the United Nations.


Language services

We offer translations from and into Russian in any field you require. We cooperate with more than 2000 professional translators and guarantee the excellent quality of Russian translations. Our translators are able to precisely identify the context of the text and are specialized in medical translations, business translations, website translations, legal translations and more.

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Language school

“” language school offers you to learn the Russian language in various fields, and in accordance with your previous knowledge. We offer:

  • Russian language for companies
  • Russian language in groups
  • Individual Russian language classes


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Most popular pairs with the Russian language:

Latvian-Russian; Russian-Latvian Lithuanian-Russian; Russian-Lithuanian; English Russian; Russian-English; Estonian-Russian; Russian-Estonian; Polish-Russian; Russian-Polish; Czech-Russian; Russian-Czech; German-Russian; Russian-German; Ukrainian-Russian; Russian-Ukrainian; Spanish-Russian; Russian-Spanish; French-Russian; Russian-French; Danish-Russian; Russian-Danish; Finnish-Russian; Russian-Finnish; Swedish-Russian; Russian-Swedish; Norwegian-Russian; Russian-Norwegian; Italian-Russian; Russian-Italian.


Other requested language combinations:

Latvian-Russian; Russian-Latvian; Latvian-German; German-Latvian; Latvian-Lithuanian; Lithuanian-Latvian; Latvian-Estonian; Estonian-Latvian; Latvian-French; French-Latvian; Latvian-Spanish; Spanish-Latvian; Latvian-Latin; Latin-Latvian; Latgalian-Latvian; Latvian-Latgalian; Latvian-Danish; Danish-Latvian; Latvian-Swedish; Swedish-Latvian; Latvian-Finnish; Finnish-Latvian; Latvian-Polish; Polish-Latvian; Latvian-Czech; Czech-Latvian; Russian-Lithuanian; Lithuanian-Russian; Russian-German; German-Russian; Spanish-French; French-Spanish; Polish-Russian; Russian-Polish, etc.