German language


The German language is the second most spoken language in Europe and is the official language in four European countries. More than one hundred million people speak German worldwide. It dates back to 2000 years BC, when people began to settle in Western Europe and around the Baltic Sea. There are more than 50 dialects in German, some of which are divided into sub-dialects, which make up a total of 250 dialects. An interesting fact is that the world’s first printed book is the Gutenberg Bible, which was published in 1454, and is read in German.


Language services

“” offers professional translations from and to the German language in a wide range of fields. We have long-term experience with large-scale translation projects, and the clients are our top priority. Entrust the translation to our experienced translators and experience the quality of their work today!


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Language school

Would you like to learn German? Choose language school and we will find the most appropriate German language teaching method for you. We offer various types of German language classes:

  • German language for companies
  • German language in groups
  • Individual German language classes

We work with professional foreign language teachers, who have the appropriate education and work experience. The teachers use dynamic and interactive methods to effectively teach a foreign language in a short period of time.


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Most popular pairs with the German language:

Latvian-German; German-Latvian; Lithuanian-German; German-Lithuanian; English-German; German-English; Estonian-German; German-Estonian; Polish-German; German-Polish; Czech-German; German-Czech; Russian-German; German-Russian; Ukrainian-German; German-Ukrainian; Spanish-German; German-Spanish; French-German; German-French; Danish-German; German-Danish; Finnish-German; German-Finnish; Swedish-German; German-Swedish; Norwegian-German; German-Norwegian; Italian-German; German-Italian.


Other requested language combinations:

Latvian-Russian; Russian-Latvian; Latvian-German; German-Latvian; Latvian-Lithuanian; Lithuanian-Latvian; Latvian-Estonian; Estonian-Latvian; Latvian-French; French-Latvian; Latvian-Spanish; Spanish-Latvian; Latvian-Latin; Latin-Latvian; Latgalian-Latvian; Latvian-Latgalian; Latvian-Danish; Danish-Latvian; Latvian-Swedish; Swedish-Latvian; Latvian-Finnish; Finnish-Latvian; Latvian-Polish; Polish-Latvian; Latvian-Czech; Czech-Latvian; Russian-Lithuanian; Lithuanian-Russian; Russian-German; German-Russian; Spanish-French; French-Spanish; Polish-Russian; Russian-Polish, etc.